Will Tatton Architecture

78 Maunganui Road,  Mount Maunganui
Phone :  +64 7 574 8570
Email:   admin@willtontatton.co.nz
Website:   www.willtatton.co.nz
Facebook:  @will.tattonarchitecture 
Instagram:   @willtattonarchitecture

Opening hours
Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5pm

Welcome to Will Tatton Architecture

Will Tatton established Will Tatton Architecture in order to inspire the creativity and satisfaction that good architecture can bring to our lives. Will is always enthusiastic and motivated to find the essence of a site, its outlook and potential, and to match this carefully with the client's special requirements. A creative and inspired team dedicated to creating fantastic buildings, achieved by developing a culture within the company that promotes our common goals and vision, and allows us to consistently deliver designs that evoke emotional responses that make you feel fresh and intrigued. Award Winning Designer Will Tatton: I think architecture comes from the land and I respond to each location with an awareness of the context that gives a unique sense of place. People are the most important things in our lives and so I have made designing with a generosity of spirit, a guide in all my work. This approach means the essential tasks of a design business listening, guiding and advising, and adjusting my views as necessary to accommodate the reality of others, all come from an abundant energy source. I see my architecture practice as a blending of art and business. I design liveable and exciting structures and spaces which stimulate and energise. They are dynamic, fun, sustainable, flexible and expressive.


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