Mauao is a historic reserve owned by Maori and managed by Tauranga City Council. The base track is 3.4 km and takes about 45 minutes to walk. It is suitable for strollers and wheelchairs but please take care. There are several tracks to the summit. 
Here is a printable map of Mauao and the walking tracks.
On a hot day it can be hard work – pace yourself and take water, sunscreen and a hat.

There are no rubbish bins on Mauao. Please take all rubbish away with you. 

Please leave all gates as you find them. The 4WD track starts at the end of Pilot Bay.  You can use this track to walk to the summit.  Vehicles are not allowed except for maintenance and emergency purposes only.

Waikorire and Oruahine tracks

Both of these tracks start from the ocean side of the base track. Follow the boardwalk in front of the surf club to the start of the base track.  The summit climb begins a few metres from the end of the boardwalk.


Approximate taken from the signs at the base.    

Base Track   Approx 45 min walk  2,936m
Base Track to Oruahine (Steep track)Approx 25 min walk 100m
Bush path    204m
4WD track (Summit) Approx 1 hr walk      1,897m
Oruahine Track     Approx 30 min walk  660m

The Oruahine track goes from the light house and meets up with the 4WD track ¾ of the way up the mountain. It is on the ocean side of Mauao.

Stone Steps to Oruahine       470m
Stone steps to Pilot Bay 400m
Waikorire to Summit      
Waikorire Track Approx 20 min walk  600m

From the lighthouse to the summit on the town side of Mauao.

In the event of an emergency dial 111

Toilets are in front of the surf club and opposite the boat ramp at Pilot Bay.

If you have any questions please see the Park Ranger or phone the council on 07 577 7000


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