Mount Business Association

2021-22 Board Nominations

This form is for nominations for the Mount Business Association Board. Please read the terms below: 

  • If you would like to nominate more than one person, please fill out a separate form for each person.
  • Nominees must be a member of Mount Business Association, with a business in the MBA boundary.
  • 10 positions are available on the board. With a maximum of two seats available (and min 1 seat) across the 5 sectors: retail, hospitality, services, professional service and landlord. 
  • The responses are confidential and will only be seen by select people from the Mount Business Association who will process the nominations.
  • Before nominating someone, please ask them if they would like to be nominated, if they are happy with the requirements outlined below, and if they are happy to be contacted by the Mount Business Association. 
  • On (or before) Wednesday, September 22  nominees and nominators will be contacted via email by an Association staff member to verify their nomination 

Requirements for being on the Board:

  • Attend monthly Board meetings held from 4-5.30pm on the third Tuesday of every month in Mount Maunganui. Attendance in person is preferred however there is the option to dial in remotely.
  • Respond readily to emails and voting in between Board meetings for urgent matters.
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